About Meadowsweet Crystallised Edible Flowers

Grown and individually Crystallised by hand in Devon

Tucked away in the rural South West of England, we are so lucky to be able to live and work in such beautiful countryside.

Our flowers are planted and grown in the borders and beds which surround the house, where they are left to grow naturally without pesticide sprays . We grow annual and perennial plants and each flower is selected and picked by hand throughout the seasons.

Patience and skill is needed for the crystallisation process which has been perfected by much trial and error over time, but the resulting flowers are so unusual and beautifully different – the results are worth the effort. Every flower is totally natural, with no added colourings or flavourings, each bloom is frozen in time, catching the true essence of nature.

We have developed our beautiful boxes and careful packaging to ensure that your order will arrive safely and undamaged, each order is selected and packed individually to ensure we maintain the quality of each crystallised flower.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and create a box of crystallised flowers specially for you.  They are ideal for an extra special gift that will surprise and delight whoever receives them.