2 Page Feature Article by Su Carroll – Photos by Richard Austin  

Su Carroll meets a creator of Crystallised Flowers who is enjoying the sweet scent of success.

…”On a smallholding on the fringes of Exmoor, Jill Fade carefully selects and picks a few flowers from her garden.  But rather than popping them into a vase, she quickly covers them in egg white, sprinkles on a coating of cater sugar and lays each carefully out to dry….”

…”I’ve met and spoken to so many lovely people – I really enjoy the personal side of it…..”

…”It’s thrilling for me to see the flowers in prominent places, knowing that they have been grown, crystallised and sent off from my farmhouse, I also get so much pleasure just from hearing they have topped off the perfect birthday cake or wedding favours.  It all makes me feel very lucky.”